Traditional Pottery

The following images are items for kitchen and various household uses. All glazes are food safe and each piece can be used in the oven, microwave and dishwasher.

The patterns or designs on my work are individually hand carved. No stamps or patterned rollers are used.

Scroll over image for size and price, click on image for larger view.

All prices include sales tax.

How to Order. The piece you see is the exact item shipped. Shipping will be Priority Mail via USPS, within 1 to 3 days after finalizing your order. (weather permitting...the nearest post office is a 30 minute drive from my studio, in snow country)  **Please note: I take great care to photograph the pottery and capture the true colors. Your computer screen may relay a slight color variation, but I believe you will view the best image I can publish.

After making your purchasing decision, contact me either through email:      or call 605.584.0074  to discuss payment and shipping date. Please note item number to identify the piece your are interested in.

I accept payment by cash, check and credit card. I also offer a money back guarantee as follows: If upon arrival, the piece does not meet your expectations, contact me by phone or email within 5 days of arrival to discuss return. When I receive the returned piece undamaged, I will refund your money, minus shipping costs.

 Berry Bowls  (Berry bowls are always in stock...please contact me with color options) These bowls serve as colanders for rinsing fragile fruit. Just rinse, drain, and serve in the same bowl. A plate is included to catch remaining water. Keep berries or grapes at the ready for snacking on the table or in the refrigerator. Can be used as a pasta colander as well.



Stoneware Tea Pots    Classic tea pot brings ritual into enjoying your cup of tea!

Pie Plates These pie plates are a solid color in the center with a carved pattern encircling the outside. The density of the clay heats evenly and makes heavenly crusts!

Platters  The dimension listed does not include the handles. It is the outside rim diameter.

Spoon Jars   I call these 'spoon jars' as an invitation to be at the ready when company visits to enjoy coffee or tea and good conversation. They can also be used as toothbrush holders, pencil cups, drinking vessels or any imaginative ideas you can come up with.

Bowls    There are many styles and looks to bowls, but they have one important feature...they are very popular! And ever useful. This section I include all pieces that have a bowl shape. Some deep and some shallow...

 Appetizer Trays   These handy trays serve a variety of treats: crackers, olives, nuts, pickles, even asparagus.

Honey Pots   Classic honey pots with wooden honey stick. The slotted stick holds the honey for drizzling over foods. A notch is carved into the lid to allow the stick to remain stable in the pot.

 Spouted Oil Bottles       Pour your olive oil (or any liquid) from this vintage styled bottle. The top is corked, but because of the spout, you never need to tip the bottle upside down to use it, risking leaks common with top mounted pourers.

Faceted Oil Bottles       Add a little whimsy to your meals! These 6 sided bottles are designed to be used for vinegar or oil. The body is approximately 2 inches across, sized right for any hand. Some bottles have a twist, which may suit some more adventurous individuals! They also have a corked top, like the Spouted Oil Bottles. This allows you to pour your oil without turning the bottle upside down.

Garlic Graters   Rub a clove of garlic along the ridges inside this small bowl to grate garlic for a flavor infused dipping oil for bread, Mediterranean style!

Garlic/Onion/Mushroom Keepers (style listed with photo...instructions included with piece) Garlic should be keep in a dark and somewhat airy location. This keeper has 3 diamond shaped holes in the lower body and serves just that purpose, and will look good on any counter or shelf as well!

Onions and Mushrooms benefit from the same conditions as garlic, although mushrooms need to be stored in the keeper in your refrigerator.

 Lidded Containers  Your imagination determines the ultimate use for these vessels. I give them names but you can label them as you envision.


 Pump Dispensers      Add some charm to your counters with a pottery pump dispenser. Use it in the kitchen for liquid soap or lotion, in the bathroom or bedroom. Find a home anywhere! The pump is incorporated into a cork top. Small cork pads are on the bottom to aid in stability and avoid marring your surfaces.




Cream and Sugar Sets    A classic combination. The creamer can also be used for syrup. It holds approximately 1 1/2 cups. The sugar bowl can also serve in other ways, and holds approximately 2 cups.
Butter Dishes  Traditional style butter dishes comprising of a tray and cover. I offer two sizes, the normal length stick and also a half stick size. The half stick allows you to keep soft butter on the counter and still keep it fresh. Providing you don't go through a stick very quickly! All bottom trays have the same shape and design.

 Yarn Bowls  These yarn bowls offer a tidy and attractive way to assist you in your creative endeavors. The inverted adaptation of a fleur de lies guides the yarn as you work. There are additional holes also use as a guide for the yarn or to hold your needles when not in use.

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