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How to Order:  The piece you see is the exact item shipped. Shipping will be Priority Mail via USPS within 1 to 3 days after finalizing your order. (weather permitting...the nearest post office is a 30 minute drive from my studio, in snow country)  **Please note: I take great care to photograph the pottery and capture the true colors. Your computer screen may relay a slight color variation, but I believe you will view the best image I can publish.

After making your purchasing decision, contact me either through email:      or call 605.584.0074  to discuss payment and shipping date. Please note item number to identify the piece your are interested in.

I accept payment by cash, check and credit card. I also offer a money back guarantee as follows: If upon arrival, the piece does not meet your expectations, contact me by phone or email within 5 days of arrival to discuss return. When I receive the returned piece undamaged, I will refund your money, minus shipping costs.

Black Hills Flora in Clay     The following images are vases made using the local plants from my property in the Black Hills.

Each is unique, determined by the plants I use for individual vases. The clay is left unfinished on the main body of the vase, (the tan background) and the plant impressions are highlighted by earth-tone glazes in the spirit of the plants used. The vases are glazed inside. The 2 1/2 inch diameter vases can also be used as candle holders by adding sand to the vase and supporting the candles in the sand.

Three styles: Aspen leaf (Item # FA), Aspen leaves and branch impressions

Prairie Grasses (Item # PR), Various grasses and sage impressions

 Spruce with Holly (Item # HS).  Black Hills Spruce with Oregon Grape leaf impressions

 Black Hills Spruce / Holly Vases  and  Other Decorative Items with Holly / Spruce Design

Vases to Candle Holder   The 3 inch diameter vases can also be used as a candle holder. (See first photo below) Approximately 1 inch below the rim of the vase are supports that hold a 3 inch candle. These supports are sturdy to hold the candle yet do not interfere with arrangements when used as a vase. 

Pine Vases  This style is glazed inside and out, with impressions of Black Hills Spruce branches and cast spruce/pine cones from actual cones.

 Pine Appetizer Trays  These woodsy designed trays have an organic feel of the handmade and natural. They will serve crackers, olives, nuts and any treats you wish to present your guests, or a personal ritual for your own pleasure. The center has an impression of a spruce branch, and the handles boast pine cones cast from an original cone.

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