Highlights of My Journey in Clay

I have been working in clay for over 30 years.  I first began with a ceramics course in college. Noticing I was spending all my free time in the ceramics studio, I began to grasp the concept that clay was my future. I have never looked back, although I have had several jobs to support me and my passion throughout the years. Many of those years I had to improvise equipment and studio space. Luckily, a Rapid City gallery added my pottery to their impressive inventory in 1991. I have been a full-time potter ever since.

My work is found in various shops in the Black Hills. I also attend numerous art fairs and festivals in the area. 

My home/studio is in the North Central Black Hills of South Dakota, in a peaceful alpine meadow.

September 20, 2011, I lost my studio to a fire. It started in the kiln room, and unfortunately I lost about 90% of my livelihood. Thirty years of notes and reference material as well as my portfolio were gone. Some equipment was salvaged, but basically I was given the chance to dig deep and start again. Contributions of money and materials from friends and family gave me the resources to resume a potter's life. I had built the studio myself the first time, I could do it again. I am thrilled to be working again, albeit with a more modest studio environment.

AS A RESULT of my studio fire, I joined the Rochford Volunteer Fire Department as a firefighter. I have since 'retired' from the department to focus more on my work.

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